We're Software Developers

What we do:

We build business web applications. We put our effort to build simple applications of your business ideas to make it intuitive for your people to operate. We, as a technical experts, assist you and your marketing department. We build systems from top to bottom mainly in Java backend (Spring framework) with Postgresql database and Javascript frontend (AngularJS framework). 
To complete the suite we build beautiful and functional mobile client apps for your users.

We deliver reliable dedicated software.

What we've done:


Polish payday loans service. Finance sector. We developed both website for clients applying for the loans and backoffice application for operators to handle clients requests.

Technical stack: Java, Spring framework, Postgres, AngularJS



This service is going to search Instagram for given tags and auto-like found posts / pics.

Technical stack: hackathon-starter, NodeJS, MongoDB


This one is tracking the state of stock of small restaurant or pub. The biggest adventage is to building new reports with stock state from previous report end state.

Technical stack: Firebase, AngularJS

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