Easy Stocktaking Online App

What can you expect:

Main goal of the applications is to track the state of inventory and create new daily reports basing on previous end state, so not to provide it manually each day, just to copy it! This speeds up end day settlement of small pub, small restaurant and small shop. 
Business owner can easily compare sold results between reports to find out who of the employees is performing better. 
It's free of charge.

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Easy Stocktaking Workflow:

login & price config

Registration and login works like everywhere else. Your email is your login. The very first in the app is to define your products and its prices in `Price config` tab.

steps: register, login, set product price list

new daily report

Create daily report on `Report list` tab and provide employee name and sold item numbers. It's automatically saved. Currently the app support $. This might be localized to your country.

steps: provide name, put sold item numbers

new from previous end state

Provide only the name for the new report and click `Create new from this` to create a new entity with start state set to previous report end state.

steps: create new from previous

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