Outdated bootzooka changes

November 11, 2014 by johny

[2015-07-08] Update

Bootzooka has been strongly simplified lately and there were some conceptual changes that is why this post is no longer valid. Also frontend part is being build by webpack now.


At the beginning of my carrer in Softwaremill I was working on trial project for booking company. We were building demo app starting with bootzooka as a base. We’ve changed much in that code. After that experience I brought back some of them to bootzooka.

Definition: Bootzooka is a simple application scaffolding project to allow quick start of development for modern web based applications. Live demo is available on http://bootzooka.softwaremill.com.

Outdated changes:

  • bower support (dependency management tools for frontend dependencies) commit
  • fakeMongo for integration tests (replacing previous implementation) commit
  • migration from twitter boostrap 2 to 3 (it’s good just to be up-to-date, right?)
  • “angular business value module reorganization” - accordingly to good practises from sources listed below



  • dockerize app
  • add travis ci
  • refurbish old school way of notifying users about changes keepachangelog.com, this post is a kind of changelog note ;)

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